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Rule Group

SmartDNS supports rule groups, which allow for filtering rules based on domain or client matching.

The relevant parameters are:

Parameter Function
group-begin [-g|group group-name] Begin a rule group
group-end End a rule group
group-match Match conditions for rule group, can be set to domain or client IP
conf-file -group Include files in the specified rule group, equivalent to group-begin, group-end

You can specify matching rules using group-match, including client IP: -client-ip cidr, and domain: -domain.

Matching Rule Groups by Domain or Client IP

# Rule begins, named as rule.
group-begin rule
# Set matching rules, as follows for matching IP, MAC or domain.
group-match -client-ip -domain
group-match -client-ip ip-set:clien-ip 
group-match -domain domain-set:domain-list
# Set related rules
address #
# Rule ends

Including File Rule Groups

You can also include external files to handle rule groups, making it easier to maintain and manage.

The main file includes external files, and -group specifies the rule group name.

conf-file client.conf -group rule

Included rule files, specifying matching conditions

group-match -client-ip -domain
address #