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Disable IPV6

Currently, IPV6 has entered thousands of households. However, in some cases, IPV6 addresses need to be disabled. Smartdns supports the following ways to disable IPV6 addresses.

  1. Method 1: Completely Disable IPV6

    force-AAAA-SOA yes
  2. Method 2: Disable IPV6 of Specific Domain Name

    address /
  3. Method 3: If you need to disable IPV6 queries for a specific query port (such as the second DNS), you can configure it as follows:

    bind :53 -force-aaaa-soa
  4. Exception configuration:

    If you disable AAAA is enabled, you can add exceptions with following options:

    address /
    address /

Disable Other Query Requests

  1. Smartdns supports disabling other query requests, and the corresponding parameter is force-qtype-SOA.

    force-qtype-SOA 28

    After force-qtype-SOA parameter is the type of DNS. The specific types can be queried from the IANA Explanation.

    Clear specified types

    force-qtype-SOA -,28

    Clear all types

    force-qtype-SOA -

Additional Notes

Smartdns has the ability to automatically detect IPV6 environment. If the network environment does not support IPV6, the IPV6-related optimization functions will be automatically disabled.