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Domain Rules

To facilitate setting multiple rules for the same domain, smartdns provides the domain-rules parameter, which allows you to set multiple rules for a domain.

Rule Settings

Use domain-rules to set multiple rules, for example:

domain-rules / -g group -address #6 -ipset ipset

Please refer to the configuration options for more information on the domain-rules options.

Parameter Function
-group Set the corresponding rule group
-address Set domain address
-nameserver Set upstream server group
-speed-check-mode Set speed check mode
-no-dualstack-selection Disable dual-stack speed test
-no-cache No cache
-no-cache Stop caching
-no-ip-alias Ignore IP alias rules
-ipset [ipsetname] Put the corresponding request result into the specified ipset
-nftset [nftsetname] Put the corresponding request result into the specified nftset

Domain Wildcards

The prefix wildcard matches the main domain name

# prefix wild card
# only match subdomains
# only match the main domain name

Note: * and - are only supported at the beginning of the domain name. Wording in other locations is not supported.

Domain Set

When using domain sets in options with /domain/ configuration, you only need to replace /domain/ with /domain-set:[set name]/, for example:

domain-set -name ad -file /etc/smartdns/ad-list.conf
domain-rules /domain-set:ad/ -a #
domain-set -name ad -file /etc/smartdns/ad-list.conf
domain-rules /domain-set:ad/ -a #