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Basic Configuration

The smartdns configuration options are quite powerful, but as a basic DNS service, only the service port and upstream servers need to be configured. Other parameters can be left as default, which is the best configuration for local home networks.

Sample Configuration

  1. To provide service and accelerate DNS queries, the following configuration can be included in the smartdns.conf file:

    # Listen on port 53
    bind [::]:53
    # Configure upstream servers

    In the options:

    • bind indicates that the service end is opened and the corresponding port is listened to. :53 binds IPv4 port 53 and [::]:53 binds IPv6 port 53. The latter also binds IPv4 ports in most systems.
    • server indicates the upstream server IP address, and the port can be omitted. If secure access to upstream is required, server-tls, server-https can be used. URI can also be used, such as server tls://
    • If server is not specified, the system DNS address in the /etc/resolv.conf file will be automatically read.